Gorgona: The Ideas Refinery

Gorgona Books, founded in 2011 in Prague, Czechia, publishes mostly speculative fiction with a twist. Whenever we come across an unconventional, intelligent, quirky book that pushes the boundaries of genre, we might publish it sooner or later.

Names on Gorgona’s list include winners of several national and international prizes featuring an EU Prize for Literature laureate Nataša Kramberger (Slovenia) or an acclaimed war novelist Josip Mlakić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), to name a few.

The roster of praised Czech writers under Gorgona’s wings is expanding, too, and we are dead set to see their works being published abroad. Paving the way for Czech authors into new markets is another core activity of ours. That’s why Gorgona is about to offer foreign rights soon, too.

To make our covers truly stand out, Gorgona cooperates with excellent artists and illustrators from all over the world. In fact, Gorgona was the first publisher in Czechia to come up with several novelty techniques of the cover finish. Not that anyone cares – but we like to experiment.